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Registration Agreement

  • Last Updated: 04/24/2017
  • Effective Date:

Policy Statement
There is no formal policy statement for this topic however procedures and other information are provided below.
Reason for policy
This policy is needed to ensure that students are aware of their financial obligation to the University of Georgia.

All students are required to clear the Student Account Acknowledgment Hold in ATHENA each semester.  Students who do not accept the terms of this acknowledgement will not be permitted to register for courses.

The student acknowledgement states that students will be responsible for collection costs in the event the account is sent to collections. All student account balances over 120 days old have the potential to be sent to collections. Students will be given written notice about the outstanding debt and the possibility that the debt will be sent to collections. Per BOR policy, a flag (or hold) will remain on the student’s account until the balance is paid in full. See UGA’s Policy 17.5 Collections of Past Due Accounts.

The acknowledgement also states the student authorizes the University and their respective agents, collectors, contractors and anyone else working on their behalf, to contact them regarding their student loan, loan request or their loans, including repayment of their loans, using any phone number the student provides including their cell phone or wireless device by manually dialing the number or using automated telephone dialing equipment or artificial or pre-recorded voice or text messages.

Additional contacts
Susan Caldwell, Accounts Receivable Manager

Responsible University Senior Administrator: Vice President for Finance & Administration

Responsible University Administrator: Associate Vice President and Controller

Policy Owner: Bursar and Treasury Services

Policy Contact: Nicole Moon

Phone Number: 706-542-2965