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Incoming Wires

    • Last Updated: 04/21/2017
    • Effective Date:

    Policy Statement

    There is no formal policy statement for this topic; however, procedures and other information are provided below.

    Reason for policy

    To process wires in a timely manner.      


    Incoming ACH/EFT/Wire payments are funds electronically transferred into the University of Georgia’s bank account.  These funds are to be credited into individual departmental accounts on the University’s general ledger as designated by the receiving department.  Departments are responsible for notifying Bursar and Treasury Services when they are expecting an electronic payment from the bank.  The department will need to fill out an Electronic Funds Deposit Transmittal as well as the Vendor ACH/Wire Information Form to provide this necessary information.  Please contact the Bursar and Treasury Services if you need a copy of the wiring instructions.

    To facilitate the timely processing of electronic transfers please use the following guidelines and tips:

    • When possible, clarify with your vendor whether or not the payment will be sent electronically.  If so, follow the University’s incoming wire procedures.
    • When you are aware a payment will be sent to the University electronically, please fill out the Electronic Funds Transfer Deposit Transmittal and email this form to or fax to 706-583-0832 as soon as possible.
    • Provide payers with the University of Georgia’s wiring instructions.  Please contact the Bursar and Treasury Services to obtain the wiring instructions.
    • Require payers to complete the Vendor ACH/Wire Information Form and return this form back to your department.
    • Departments should send the Vendor ACH/Wire Information Form along with the Electronic Funds Transfer Deposit Transmittal to the Bursar  and Treasury Services.  Please fax to 706-583-0832 or email forms to using password protection for the vendor information form.
    • Please be aware that ACH/wire transfers are costly.  Sometimes there is a banking fee associated with the service that will be deducted from the payment amount you are credited.  The fee varies from bank to bank and for domestic versus international transfers.

    Electronic Funds Deposit Transmittal

    Vendor ACH or Wire Information Form

    Wiring Instructions (contact Bursar and Treasury Services)

    Additional contacts
    Marianne Christian, 706-582-6024
    Policy definitions

    Automated Clearing House (ACH): A domestic electronic funds transfer system.  The National Automated Clearing House is responsible for maintaining and policing the electronic payments network.

    Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT):  The movement of funds from one bank account directly into another without the use of cash or paper checks.  ACH and wire transfers are two methods of EFT’s.

    Wire Transfer:  A same day transfer of funds between financial institutions processed through the Federal Reserve’s Fedline system.  International wires may be processed through the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (S.W.I.F.T.).


    Responsible University Senior Administrator: Vice President for Finance & Administration

    Responsible University Administrator: Associate Vice President and Controller

    Policy Owner: Bursar and Treasury Services

    Policy Contact: Amy Brown

    Phone Number: 706-542-6825

    Responsibilities: It is the responsibility of each department to review the departmental status report monthly and the receipts received from the deposit for accuracy.  Contact the Bursar and Treasury Services with any questions.

    Record Retention

    Description: Records may include: Electronic Funds Transfer Deposit Transmittal, Vendor ACH/Wire Information Forms, report from bank of the ACH/EFT/Wire.  

    Record Copy: Bursar and Treasury Services; Departmental level

    Retention: 5 years, BOR 047203001