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Memorial Benches/Plaques

  • Last Updated: 04/12/2017
  • Effective Date: 04/01/2015

Policy Statement
The siting of benches in honor or memory of individuals is permitted, subject to approval of the University Cabinet and the Office of University Architects.  Donations must cover the cost of the bench (currently $500 for an existing unmarked bench and $1,500 for a new bench), including any sitework and installation of paved surfaces, along with a minimum gift of $5,000 to an endowment of the donor's choice managed by the UGA Foundation.
Reason for policy
To provide guidelines for accepting and placing memorial benches on any Univeristy of Georgia campus or site.

1. The gift will be made in cash (no pledges).  At the time that the gift is made, the donor may select the benefitting school or college.

        Existing Benches:  If the bench is existing on campus, currently a minimum gift of $5,500 is required.

        New Benches:  If the bench is new, currently a minimum gift of $6,500 is required.  The new benches provided by UGA are typically 6 feet in length, black metal and consistent with campus standards.  Plaques for newly installed benches are placed in front of the bench and permanently set in concrete, granite or other masonry paving, dependent on location.  The process of ordering the bench and plaque takes 6-8 weeks.

2.  After the gift is made, the development officer meets with a representative of the Office of the University Architects and/or Facilities Management Division to review the donor's desired location for the bench and determine if an alternate location should be considered.

3.  Detail the request on the form, "Request to Install/Name a Memorial or Honorary Bench," which includes a brief justification for the naming;

4.  Submit the form to the appropriate dean, unit director, associate vice president or vice president for approval;

5. Forward to Development and Alumni Relations for verification that philanthropic giving criteria has been satisfied and confirmed by signature of VPDAR;

6.  Forward for administrative approvals by the Provost and VPFA;

7.  The Secretary of the University Cabinet will present for Cabinet approval, and obtain President's signature;

8.  Following the President's approval, Facilities Management will initiate installation of the bench (if new) and plaque with the Grounds Department;

9. Development Officer will notify the donor when installation is complete and initiate appropriate stewardship steps.