Lab Cleanout Assistance

  • Last Updated: 06/16/2016
  • Effective Date: 06/13/2016

Policy Statement
There is no formal policy statement for this topic however procedures and other information are provided below.
Reason for policy
This policy is intended to provide general guidance for all University personnel involved in the process of removing all unused or unwanted chemicals from campus laboratories.

Contact the Hazardous Materials Program:

prior to any lab cleanout activity. Do not assume that all items in the laboratory are hazardous waste and need to be labeled as such.  We will conduct a pre-cleanout inspection and determine the best course of action to efficiently remove any hazardous materials or hazardous waste from the laboratory.  

Additional contacts

Brian K. Adams

Hazardous Materials Manager



Responsible University Senior Administrator: Vice President for Finance & Administration


Responsible University Administrator:Associate Vice President for Environmental Safety


          Policy Owner:Environmental Safety Division - Hazardous Materials Program


          Policy Contact:Brian K. Adams


          Phone Number: 706-713-2729



Record Retention
All hazardous materials records are maintained by the Environmental Safety Division – Hazardous Materials Program in accordance with the Board of Regents Record Retention Policy