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Hazardous Waste Tracking (Chematix)

Policy Statement
There is no formal policy statement for this topic however procedures and other information are provided below.
Reason for policy
To meet state and federal requirements pursuant to the proper handling, tracking, and disposal of hazardous waste.
Hazardous waste must be tracked using the Chematix Hazardous Waste module.  Labs or other areas in need of disposing of hazardous chemical waste should contact the Environmental Safety Division to be granted system access.  Prerequisite training and location information are required.  Users must then login to Chematix using UGA credentials, provide specific information about the waste in need of disposal, then submit the pickup request through the system.  The UGA Hazardous Materials program will retrieve, temporarily store and dispose of the waste in accordance with state and federal regulations.
Additional information is available on the Environmental Safety Division website.
Additional contacts
Hazardous Materials Manager:  Brian Adams
Policy definitions

Responsible University Senior Administrator: Vice President for Finance & Administration

Responsible University Administrator: Associate Vice President for Environmental Safety

          Policy Owner: Hazardous Materials Program

          Policy Contact: Bill Megathlin

          Phone Number: 706-542-5801

Responsibilities: The Hazardous Materials Program Coordinator is responsible for the overall administration of this program.

Record Retention
Hazardous waste records are archived in accordance with state and federal recordkeeping requirements.
Policy Appendices

 Hazardous Materials Waste Module