Receiving and Redelivery

    • Last Updated: 12/01/2016
    • Effective Date:

    Policy Statement
    Receiving Services is established to perform receipt, inspection, delivery, shipping, claims processing, and temporary storage of material pending delivery to University departments.
    Reason for policy
    Receiving Services receives materials and equipment, inspects materials and equipment received for quantity, quality and any special specifications as indicated on the purchase order. Delivers the material to the ultimate consignee; receives, packages, and ships items being returned to vendors; processes losses, shortages, overages, duplicate shipments, and damage claims to the carriers with notifications to vendors.
    • Special Commodities - Items noted to require controlled temperatures or refrigeration will be maintained at the required temperature and delivery will be expedited.  Live animals will be delivered to the destination as soon as possible after receipts.  Items such as dynamite and firearms will receive special processing.  Classified items will be maintained in a secure area under the direct supervision of the Receiving Services Manager and delivered only to persons authorized to receive them.
    • Overdue Shipments – Receiving Services will maintain a record of all outstanding purchase orders (which are routed through them) and will initiate follow-up action when required. Receiving Services will contact the vendor to ascertain the reason for the delay and when the shipment may be expected.
    • Processing Claims for damaged or missing items-

                  1) Damaged items, shipping containers, packing materials, and anything pertinent to a shipment will be held at the inspection point pending an investigation by the carrier. 

                  2) The vendor and department will be notified of damaged or missing items.

                  3) The vendor will be furnished with a damage report to initiate a claim against the carrier. 

                  4) Upon mutual agreement with vendor or department, Receiving Services will initiate a claim against the carrier.                                                                                                                                                          

    • Processing of delivery documents –

                 1) Receiving Services will generate a Receiving and Inspection report for each delivery. 

                 2) The inspection reports will be signed by the ordering department and a copy retained by Receiving Services.

                 3) Any discrepancies should be reported to Receiving Services immediately upon receipt of items.

                 5) Departments will be notified of any damaged or missing items. Receiving Services will coordinate the processing of all claims against the vendor.

    • Outgoing Shipments  –                                                                                         

                  1) Outgoing shipments not picked up by express companies such as Federal Express, originating within the offices and departments of the University will be processed by Receiving Services.

                  2) Materials being shipped may be delivered to Receiving Services by the department, or will be picked up upon request.

                  3) No hazardous materials may be shipped by Receiving Services. 

                 4) All outgoing shipments must be accompanied by the original "Material Return Slip" along with copies of letters, invoices, and any documents which should accompany the shipment. The department should retain a copy of the Material Return Slip. All documentation should remain with the shipment and should not be forwarded separately to Receiving Services.

    • Outgoing Shipments Routing - Receiving Services will determine the mode of transportation to be used unless otherwise indicated by the department originating the shipment in the "Material Return Slip."  Shipping Charges - After the shipment has been processed and all charges are known, this information will be indicated on the "Material Return Slip." A copy of the confirmation of shipment will be returned to the department.  Receiving Services will charge departments shipping charges monthly.
    Additional contacts
    • Dwayne Weaver
    • Phone Number: 706-425-3263
    • Responsible University Senior Administrator: Vice President for Finance & Administration
    • Responsible University Administrator: Associate Vice President and Controller for Finance & Administration
    • Policy Owner:  Administrative Services
    • Policy Contact:  Dwayne Weaver
    • Phone Number: 706-425-3263
    Record Retention

    This series documents the receipt of equipment, supplies, other items and services from vendors.  The series includes: packing slips, shipping and container lists; and bills of lading.

    Record Copy:  Receiving Services

    Retention:  5 years, BOR 0472-01-013

    Policy Appendices

    Central Research Stores
    Campus Scientific Stores
    Commercial suppliers
    Delivery points outside Clarke County, Georgia
    Food Services
    Georgia Center for Continuing Education
    Instrument Shop
    NEGA Police Academy
    Performance Assessment Lab
    Physical Plant
    Poultry Science Feed Mill
    University Bookstore (Follett)
    University Health Center

    In addition to the departments excepted above, the following categories of orders are excluded from Receiving Services procedures:

    Advance pay request (including orders to the U.S. Printing Office, Superintendent of Documents)
    Art objects or art work
    Cash-on-delivery orders (C.O.D. Purchases)
    Deliver and install requests including furniture and leased photocopy machines (if setup and/or startup is included)
    Ethyl alcohol
    Field crops, unprocessed
    Gas cylinders
    Gravity-fed materials (such as gasoline and fuel oil or any other bulk items which are unpacked)
    Indefinite blanket orders
    Items authorized for check request payment procedures
    Items ordered from the University Bookstore
    Livestock (lab animals do go through Receiving Services unless otherwise requested by department and special approval is granted)
    Maintenance parts installed by repairmen
    Narcotics, or other drugs for which governmental regulations require direct delivery to a registered pharmacist
    Orders specifying delivery only upon user's request
    Orders to be picked up from supplier
    Radioactive materials
    Reprints and page charges
    Rigid items longer than 15 feet, such as lengths of iron or steel
    Testing materials
    Truckload or rail carload shipments
    Hazardous Chemicals


    Where is Receiving Services located?

    Receiving Services is located at 4435 Atlanta Highway, Athens, Georgia  30606 

    • If I order an item with the UGA P-card that is delivered via a freight line, how do I route the items through Receiving Services? 

    Contact Receiving Services at 706-425-3263 to notify us of your upcoming delivery. 

    • Do you pack items to be returned?

    Receiving Services will package items to be returned for a small fee.  This fee covers the cost of the materials (i.e., bubble wrap, boxes, peanuts, etc.) used in packaging your items.

    •  How do I ship an item back to a vendor?

    Once you have contacted the vendor and have a return authorization code, fill out the Material Return Slip.  Call Receiving Services on completion of the Material Return Slip and Receiving Services will pick up the item and return it to the vendor.  If the vendor does not pay for shipping the University department is responsible for the shipping charges.

    •  What is a Material Return Slip?

    The Material Return Slip is a form that must accompany any items being returned to a vendor through Receiving Services.  This form is used as a receipt to identify the item has been shipped to the vendor.  If there are any shipping charges, the receipt will reflect the cost of the freight to return the item to the vendor.

    •  Does Receiving Services charge to deliver?

    Receiving Services does not charge. However, if an item is too large for Receiving Services to deliver, the University department will be notified. The department will then contact FMD Support Services to deliver the oversized item(s).  Support Services may access the department a fee for moving the oversized item(s).  Receiving Services does not maintain the specialized transport equipment and personnel for oversized deliveries.

    •  Is Receiving Services a storage facility? 
    Receiving Services is a receiving department and does not have long-term storage space. However, you may contact Administrative Services Division at 706-425-3250 to determine if storage space within the Administrative Services Warehouse is available for a rental fee.